Joe Rogan reiterates that Biden is mentally 'gone,' America at whim of his 'f--king sideshow of diversity' hires

March 7, 2023
Ben Marquis

Even before the 2020 election, it was obvious to many that President Joe Biden's mental health and cognitive capabilities were in decline, which prompted legitimate concerns that, if elected, he would not actually be the one running the show in his own administration.

Popular podcast host Joe Rogan was among those with such concerns, and he just recently noted that, as predicted, Biden is mentally "gone" and the administration is being run by a "f--king sideshow of diversity" hires, the Daily Wire reported.

These latest remarks from Rogan came during a conversation with British actor Russell Brand on Thursday's episode of "The Joe Rogan Experience."

"You know he's gone"

Rogan said it was "bizarre how far he's deteriorated" since taking office, in reference to President Biden, and recalled a pre-election conversation about Biden's declining mental health with intellectual theorist and podcaster Eric Weinstein.

"I was actually talking about it with Eric Weinstein and he was like, 'I mean, I can’t vote for Biden.' And he goes, 'I can’t vote for Trump,'" Rogan continued. "And I go, 'I would vote for Trump before I’d vote for Biden.' Just cause I think with Biden, like, he’s gone!"

"Like, you know he’s gone. You’re gonna be relying on his cabinet," he said. "And I knew his cabinet would be this f--king sideshow of diversity -- which is exactly what it is."

The "diversity" hire example of Sam Brinton

As an example of the sort of "diversity" hires he was referencing, Rogan spoke of the case of Sam Brinton, the now-former head of the Department of Energy's nuclear waste disposal agency, who is facing felony charges and multiple investigations for theft.

According to the Daily Mail, Brinton had been hired in mid-2022 to great fanfare from the administration and media over the fact that he was the first "non-binary" government official in such a high-ranking position.

However, Brinton was then accused, and even arrested and charged in some instances, of habitually and repeatedly stealing other people's luggage at airports, and was eventually fired. He now faces felony charges in Minnesota, is under investigation by local authorities in Nevada and Texas, and is reportedly being scrutinized by the FBI as well.

Most recently, he was accused of stealing the luggage in 2018 of a Houston-based Tanzanian fashion designer who spotted pictures of Brinton posing in various one-of-a-kind outfits and jewelry that she had designed for a show but had lost at a Washington D.C. airport with no idea who took them until now.

"It's nonsense!"

"That one person who stole all the women’s clothes. That Sam Brinton," Rogan said, "That’s a diversity hire."

Imitating the administration, Rogan stated, "You just said, 'Oh, look at this. A man who dresses like a woman and has a beard and a mustache, but also wears lipstick. This is perfect for us. I don’t give a f--k what this guy’s good at or bad at. I don’t give a f--k what their credentials are. This makes us look like we’re inclusive. This makes us look like we’re on the right side, so let’s hire this person.'"

"You can’t have those kinds of people running a Ben & Jerry’s," he added. "You certainly can’t have those kinds of people running the f--king most powerful government the world’s ever known. It’s nuts. It’s nonsense!"

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