Rogan lashes out at CNN over critical coverage of his COVID-19 treatment regimen 

Comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan made headlines last week when he tested negative for COVID-19 just days after revealing a positive result.

He credited his swift recovery to a battery of treatments — including the drug ivermectin, which has been denounced by many in the mainstream media. Rogan reacted to the backlash this week with a sharp critique of CNN’s coverage.

“Look how better I got”

A number of news outlets have described ivermectin as nothing more than a horse de-wormer despite its use by humans for various purposes in recent decades.

On Tuesday, Rogan remained defiant in the face of the media firestorm, proclaiming: “What’s crazy is, look how better I got. I got better pretty quick, b****.”

He went on to suggest that he might “have to sue CNN” for its biased coverage of the topic.

“They’re making s*** up,” he declared during a podcast episode on Tuesday. “They are saying I’m taking a horse dewormer. I literally got it from a doctor. And CNN is saying I’m taking horse dewormer. They must know that is a lie.”

Rogan referenced the withering criticism he has received from “a lot” of pundits online and in the media, adding: “If the internet says it, who cares. But CNN is saying it. Jim Acosta!”

“The grand conspiracy”

Discussing his regimen with guest Tom Segura, he noted that he began taking ivermectin after conducting his own research upon learning he had been infected with COVID-19.

The drug was recommended by multiple doctors, he said, explaining that CNN nevertheless labeled him “a distributor of misinformation” for sharing his personal experience on the subject.

At one point in the broadcast, Segura asked why the media and government officials were so dismissive of ivermectin. Although Rogan acknowledged that he did not know for sure, he proceeded to speculate that it could be related to the emergency use authorization granted to vaccines, which requires that there be no other effective treatments available.

“The grand conspiracy is that the pharmaceutical companies are in cahoots to try and make anybody who takes this stuff look crazy,” Rogan added.

As for the “haters” who publicly wished that he would develop a serious illness, he concluded: “Because I wasn’t scared during the entire pandemic, what they would like is that when I did get sick that I was really sick and became really scared and learned my lesson.”

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