Rogan: Biden’s ‘medical condition’ makes him vulnerable to Trump attacks

Speculation about Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s alleged mental decline is running rampant on both sides of the aisle — and it’s being compounded by a series of bizarre gaffes made during the former vice president’s now-daily virtual coronavirus briefings.

Popular podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan said that he’s “looking at this like a medical condition,” and that “Trump is going to eat him alive” as a result, the Washington Examiner reports.

Biden in bad shape

According to the Examiner, Rogan bluntly predicted during a recent episode of his show that if Biden wins the nomination as he is projected to do, he will stand no chance against President Trump.

“You have to be able to call out s*** that’s wrong on your side. And this is one of the problems that the Democratic Party is having right now with this Joe Biden guy. You can’t let this slide, because everybody else sees it and Trump is going to eat him alive.” Rogan remarked.

He went on: “The guy can barely remember what he’s talking about while he’s talking. I’m looking at this like a medical condition.”

Rogan isn’t the only one sounding the alarm about the direction that Biden would take the party in the general election. Democrats of all kinds are concerned about Biden’s future considering his poor performance during the coronavirus pandemic.

Fox star Tucker Carlson even thinks the Democratic Party is already working behind the scenes to replace Biden.

According to the Examiner, Carlson said on Friday: “I am utterly convinced, and would bet money, that Joe Biden will not be the Democratic nominee on election day. I just don’t believe that. I really don’t.

“He’s not going to make it, and the people around him know that. Trust me, I know them. And I know they know it, because they’ve said it to me,” Carlson added.

Sexual assault allegation

The simple truth is Joe Biden may not be fit the lead the nation. As if his obvious mental decline wasn’t bad enough, Biden now he is now facing new sexual assault allegationsThe Guardian notes.

But while the mainstream media may be running cover for Biden, President Trump will pull no punches in a general election faceoff. Trump himself was savaged by the media and will expect the same treatment for Biden.

Democrats have made it clear that their goal is to beat President Trump at any cost. The establishment’s decision to hamstring Bernie Sanders in favor of Biden seems to now be backfiring in a major way.

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