Reports: Rod Rosenstein to leave Justice Department soon

It’s officially over.

Sean Hannity spread the news far and wide this afternoon, tweeting a report from frequent “Hannity” guest, legal analyst Gregg Jarrett, about Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s impending departure from the Department of Justice.

Good News

Multiple recent reports say that Rosenstein is likely to leave the DOJ very soon. And according to Jarrett, the sooner, the better.

Once the “rogue” Rosenstein is out of the way, the DOJ can finally undertake some “badly needed reforms,” Jarrett wrote, before diving into a laundry list of Rosenstein’s misdeeds.

Blasting Rosenstein as the “de facto attorney general” who “manipulated and supplanted” then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Jarrett stated: “At the helm, Rosenstein engineered and presided over signal abuses at the Justice Department, transforming the rule of law into the rule of lawlessness.”

Smooth Transition

Rosenstein has been on the hit list for quite some time.

He, after all, is the man who named Robert Mueller as special counsel for the Russian investigation.

That one appointment set the dominos tumbling, with Rosenstein himself being the last in a very long line.

Working under Trump during this investigation has surely not been very comfortable for Rosenstein.

That being the case, he appears to be finally ready to wave the white flag.

However, before he leaves, he wants to make sure the incoming Attorney General has a smooth transition.

Now, before everyone starts clapping, that may take some time.

Expect Challenges

Bill Barr is Trump’s current nomination for Attorney General.

Democrats have already balked at the appointment, so we can expect some serious challenges during his confirmation hearing.

That being the case, don’t expect Barr to zip right through with a quick appointment.

His confirmation will likely drag on for weeks, possibly longer, until he is finally confirmed — IF he gets confirmed.

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If Barr does not get confirmed and Trump needs to nominate someone else, Rosenstein will presumably stay in office until that individual passes through.

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