Three rockets hit U.S. embassy in Iraq: Report

On Sunday, yet another attack was carried out against U.S. interests overseas.

In Baghdad, five rockets were launched at our embassy, with three of them making contact, according to the Washington Examiner. No fatalities have been reported.

The proxy war continues

News of the attack broke late Sunday afternoon. Initially, all we knew was that rockets had been launched at the U.S. embassy in Baghdad.

When the dust settled, it was reported that three rockets had hit inside the compound, with more landing in the areas around the compound.

One rocket reportedly hit the embassy’s meal hall, but thankfully, the hall was not occupied at the time and no deaths resulted from the direct hit. There were some injuries, although the number and severity of said injuries is still unclear at this point.

The attack has not been attributed to Iran directly, but rather, to the pro-Iranian militia in the area. This was a major concern from our military leaders after tensions between Iran and the United States were soothed following the killing of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soliemani.

Even though Iran is not carrying out direct attacks, there are more than enough proxy organizations to do their dirty work for them.

A Department of Defense representative told the Washington Examiner: “We are aware of reports of rockets landing in the International Zone. We call on the Government of Iraq to fulfill its obligations to protect our diplomatic facilities. We will not comment further on the security situation in Baghdad.”

Conflicting forces in Iran

What we are seeing now is a massive conflict in Iran’s power structure. After the initial salvo of attacks happened and tempers calmed, Iran’s Prime Minister was adamant he wanted a de-escalation.

The ayatollah, however, made it quite clear he would prefer to continue to attack the United States. It is a fairly safe assumption these proxy organizations are carrying out these attacks with his blessing.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mahdi has promised to find those responsible and bring them to justice, so it will be quite interesting to see who he serves up to take the blame for this attack.

Clearly, this cannot be allowed to continue and if Iran will not rein in these proxy groups — it is just as bad as their own forces pulling the trigger.

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