Justice Roberts joins liberal justices in blocking pro-life legislation in Louisiana

The conservative effort to save unborn children suffered a major setback this week.

Supreme Court Justice John Roberts abandoned his conservative colleagues to lead the court in a 5-4 vote against allowing Louisiana to move forward with legislation that would have put more restrictions on abortion clinics.

Shocking… Not so shocking

While many conservatives were stunned by the ruling, when Alito delayed the ruling, we had predicted that this was likely to happen.

Most conservatives were hanging their hat on the fact Trump has appointed two pro-life justices to the court during his term in office.

However, what they were missing was the fact that Justice Roberts, who hails from the conservative side of the aisle, previously voted against similar legislation being put in place in Texas.

As he did in the Texas case, Roberts sided with the liberal side of the court again and blocked the legislation from going into effect.

The legislation in question would have required abortion clinic doctors to have admissions privileges in nearby hospitals. Pro-abortion advocates noted that currently, perhaps just two doctors would have been able to continue to perform abortions.

Premature Ruling

Newly-appointed Justice Kavanaugh wrote the dissenting opinion, saying he felt the ruling to prevent the legislation from being put in place was premature.

Justice Kavanaugh stated the legislation had a 45-day grace period built in, which would give doctors more time to approach local hospitals to gain admissions privileges.

His stance was supported by legislators, who stated they did not think the doctors performing the abortions were working hard enough to gain admissions privileges with these hospitals.

While this is a blow to pro-life advocates, all is not lost.

The case was not dismissed, only shelved for further review, and can be revisited during the next term by the Supreme Court, which would put it on the docket in October.

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