Robert Mueller’s investigation might not be as close to the end as rumored

It was only about two weeks ago we were told that Robert Mueller’s investigation appeared to be winding down.

Now, though, it seems like Mueller may have tapped into another tangent that will keep this running for quite some time.

Digging into Trump’s Finances

At CPAC last week, President Donald Trump made the Mueller investigation one of his punch lines. However, recent congressional testimony by Michael Cohen has opened up some new doors that could extend the investigation.

Mueller brought into question whether or not Trump was possibly being blackmailed by the Russians over financing. And Fox News guest former JAG attorney Will Bruzzo believes there could be something to these accusations.

However, Bruzzo’s bias was quite clear as he continued on, so it is hard to figure out if there are any teeth to Bruzzo’s claim or if it is just well-wishing.

Bruzzo’s contention was that since Trump was having problems getting loans in the United States, he was forced to go to state-owned Russian banks.

He also felt that may have been the reason Trump was against hitting Russia with sanctions, at least initially.

Allegations from a Liar

While most media outlets have latched on to every word of Cohen’s testimony, everyone seems to forget that the man is a self-admitted liar.

Cohen’s lies were so bad, in fact, that even Robert Mueller was forced to publicly come out against comments Cohen made after a Buzz Feed report came out.

Cohen’s testimony last week was also comical at points. He stated several times that he was actually giving his perception of what Trump meant — not actually what he said.

Furthermore, he has no proof of other allegations he made regarding Roger Stone and WikiLeaks.

If Mueller decides to extend the investigation based on this “new” information, he is just delaying the inevitable.

Attorney General Bill Barr needs to walk over to Mueller’s office and flat out tell him to wrap it up and stop wasting taxpayer money.

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