Texans owner and GOP contributor Robert McNair dies at age 81

The NFL truly lost one of the good guys this past week.

Houston Texans owner and longtime GOP backer Robert McNair passed away at the age of 81.

Brilliant Legacy

McNair has been battling leukemia and squamous cell carcinoma for years.

On Friday, that fight came to a sad conclusion.

McNair left behind a magnificent legacy that will not soon be forgotten.

In 1996, Houston lost its beloved football team and the city was in complete despair.

Then, in 1998, McNair took to the first steps in rectifying that situation by forming Houston NFL Holdings.

In 1999, the NFL awarded Mr. McNair its 32nd NFL franchise, which was set to begin play in 2002.

McNair’s team president, Jamey Rootes, said McNair “was the reason professional football returned to Houston and he [led] our franchise with a laser focus on honesty, integrity, and high character.”

Rootes added: “He was an amazing champion for Houston and worked hard to make sure our city received maximum value from the presence of the Texans and the NFL.”

GOP Backer

McNair made a major splash in the political world during the 2012 presidential election.

In this years leading up to the election, it was reported that McNair had donated more than $3 million to Republicans.

Much of that money was earmarked for super PACs backing Mitt Romney.

McNair made no secret about his political affiliations, either.

He once stated: “I support candidates that support the free-enterprise system and believe in free trade. Most of the people who support those policies are people in the Republican Party.”

Democrats in Texas were so opposed to his politics that Texas Monthly published a scathing article about the NFL owner in October 2015 warning fans spending money at Texans games was like putting money directly into the pockets of Republicans.

That same publication published nothing in kind of big money donors to the Democrat party.

This was an early sign that liberals were losing their marbles and demonizing conservatives at all costs.

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Regardless of how Texas Monthly feels, though, most Texans believe they truly lost one of the good guys last week.

Rest in peace, Mr. McNair. You will be missed.

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