Robert Hutchinson: U.S. has crime/mental health problem

In a new article for The Stream, Robert Hutchinson argues that, contrary to what many on the political left claim, America does not have a white supremacy problem.

Rather, Hutchinson argues that America has a “crime and mental health problem.” 

In the article, Hutchinson argues his case by showing that many of the notions pushed by the political left are factually incorrect.

One example

Hutchinson uses as one example the recent mass shooting that took place in Buffalo, New York, which the political left has used to claim that America has a “white supremacy” or “white nationalism” problem. The left based this claim on the fact that the shooter was openly racist and against illegal immigration.

But, as Hutchinson points out, “favoring tighter immigration policies does not make you a potential mass shooter or a terrorist.” Hutchinson says that one only needs to look at the fact that even some on the political left, such as Barack Obama, at one point supported restrictions on immigration.

On top of this, though, Hutchinson argues that “the problem with the claim that the political beliefs of a criminal should result in the blanket scrutiny of everyone espousing those same beliefs — even if held by otherwise sane people — is that it is not, predictably, consistently applied.”

Here, Hutchinson highlights the fact that when the shooter is a leftist, as was the case in 2017 when James Hodgkinson opened fire on Congressional Republicans, the left did not call for “investigations into the dangers of socialism or of far-left Democratic Party activism.”

Leftist myths

In the article, Hutchinson goes on to show that many of the claims pushed by the Democrats are just false. One of the claims is that mass shootings are disproportionately committed by White males with right-wing beliefs.

“The truth is, when you examine crime statistics you quickly find out that mass shootings in America are perpetrated by mentally ill people of all colors and creeds,” Hutchinson writes.

What’s more, is that, according to Hutchinson, “the statistics show that mass shootings, when examined by the ethnic background of the shooter, roughly parallel the ethnic makeup of America. If anything, white men are actually slightly less likely to commit mass shootings than their proportion of the population would indicate.”

America’s real problem:

As Hutchinson demonstrated, it’s not white supremacy or anything like that.

Rather, Hutchinson concludes:

The truth is, America has a crime problem and a mental health problem, not a white supremacy problem. The media and Democrats activists are taking advantage of real tragedies in order to attack their political opponents and advance an extreme agenda the majority of Americans reject.

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