Rob Reiner says it’s time for GOP patriots to end ‘sickness’ of Trump’s presidency

Make no mistake, the end game for the far left is to remove the duly elected President of the United States, Donald Trump, from office.

And leading the charge are the insane millionaire elites of Hollywood. Now at least one of them is calling for Trump’s removal from office – even though he hasn’t done anything impeachable.


Since Election Day 2016 when President Donald Trump crushed the hopes and the dreams of the majority of Hollywood, the media, and the rich elites who longed for a Hillary Clinton presidency, one Hollywood heavyweight has been more vocal than others about his disdain for the president.

And that man’s most famous role was the aptly named “Meathead” Mike Stivic on the 1970s television hit “All In The Family.”

Actor and director Rob Reiner has called the president treasonous, insinuated that the president, and Vice President Mike Pence, are engaged in a homosexual relationship and called for the impeachment of the president on more than one occasion.

But no tweet revealed his true intentions, and the master plan of the left wing, more than one he sent on Sunday.


“How much longer do we have to put up with a mentally ill sociopath?” he tweeted. “When the [expletive] up psyche of the leader of the free world comes before the horrific deaths of innocent children, it’s time for GOP patriots to stand up and end this sickness.”

I read and re-read the Constitution to be certain, but apparently Rob Reiner’s feelings are not mentioned as a reason for impeachment.

But Reiner does not appear to know that as he was busy last week attacking the president on his social media.

“It is now crystal clear that Russia had a profound impact on the 2016 election,” he tweeted on Friday. “They have attacked US, they are continuing to attack US. If Trump is unwilling to acknowledge this and unwilling to protect US, the word TREASON is now center stage.

And he insinuated that the president does not act on gun control because he is being paid by the National Rifle Association.

“There are 21,000,000 reasons why Donald Trump refuses to protect our children from being slaughtered by guns. The NRA has deep pockets. But we will show them that our hearts and our pockets are deeper than theirs,” the director wrote.

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It is interesting that Reiner accused President Trump of being a “mentally ill sociopath” because it is apparent to anyone reading his tweets that Reiner is in need of psychiatric counselling.

It has been more than a year since the election. For Reiner to continue to be this unhinged should be a major concern for the people who love him.

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