Trump campaign brings in $76 million during convention, outraising DNC

Trump enthusiasm is surging after the Republican Party’s successful convention, and according to the campaign, the RNC beat the Democrat convention by over 25 million combined views on television and online and raising $76 million for the Trump campaign while presenting a positive vision for America.

The Hill reported that Biden and the Democrats raised $70 million during their convention last week, where they spent the majority of their time attacking President Donald Trump rather than telling the American people what they planned to do if Biden was elected.

According to a Trump campaign source, the RNC convention got a total of 147.9 million views to the DNC’s 122 million, which in itself shows the enthusiasm gap Biden is facing as the campaigns head into the home stretch before the November election.

While the DNC opted for an entirely virtual convention without any live audiences, the RNC mixed pre-recorded and live speeches, mostly without an audience except for Trump’s acceptance speech Thursday night before 1,500 spectators on the White House South Lawn.

Convention a “huge, unqualified success”

“With massive fundraising and record viewership, President Trump’s re-nomination convention was a huge, unqualified success,” Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh said on Fox News Friday.

“Enthusiasm for President Trump is through the roof and is something Joe Biden could only dream of,” Murtaugh added. “We come out of the convention at a full sprint and the president is going to seal the deal.”

Republicans were “able to bypass the mainstream media noise and tell voters real stories from real Americans who have been empowered and lifted up by President Trump’s pro-growth, pro-opportunity, pro-American policies,” Ronna McDaniel said Friday, according to Fox News. “And it clearly resonated.”

Biden ditches “basement strategy”

The success of the Republican convention clearly shook up the Biden campaign, which announced Thursday that it would ditch its “basement strategy” and start campaigning in-person again after Labor Day.

Clearly Biden’s handlers thought there was so much hatred for Trump that they could just keep Biden in the basement until the election, but as usual, their “bubble thinking” has led them astray.

Betting markets that predicted a Biden win in November have shrunk by half since the conventions began, and Biden only leads Trump 53 to 47 odds in current betting.

While Trump is still behind Biden in most polls, the gap is shrinking, and he is ahead of where he was in polls in 2016 — an ominous sign for Democrats who hoped that Trump-hatred would push a lethargic Biden across the finish line.

Biden has no choice now but to come out, and the Trump campaign is ecstatic that it will have plenty of new gaffes and mistakes to use in campaign ads from now until November 3.

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