Rittenhouse spokesperson slams LeBron James for mocking teen’s courtroom breakdown

Last week, during his trial, defendant Kyle Rittenhouse, an 18-year-old Illinois teen, broke down in tears as he recalled the night he was forced to use deadly force in what he claims was a self-defense scenario as riots raged in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

A number of liberal talking heads and celebrities immediately mocked Rittenhouse for crying, with many, including NBA superstar LeBron James, claiming that Rittenhouse’s tears were manufactured. In a recent Fox News interview, one of Rittenhouse’s spokespeople shot back at the sports celebrity, according to The Daily Wire

What happened?

It was in an interview with Dana Perino on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom that Dave Hancock, a Rittenhouse spox, clapped back at “King James” for his attempt to push the liberal narrative that Rittenhouse faked his emotional breakdown in the courtroom.

“I did not take the crying to be insincere at all,” Perino said to Hancock, “but let’s get your take on it.”

“Absolutely it was not,” Hancock responded. “He is an empathetic and caring young man.”

That’s when Hancock dropped the hammer on James, suggesting the NBA star focus on other priorities. “And to LeBron, I would just say, he should be paying more attention to the Lakers,” Hancock said, referencing the Lakers’ poor performance in the new NBA season.

Hancock added: “But, if he would like to have a sit-down at some point in time, I’m sure him and Kyle can talk about how we can change and fix the system that allows prosecutors to do what they’re doing to Kyle right now. It’s abhorrent.”

Liberals pile on

Since the start of Rittenhouse’s trial, a long list of liberal celebrities, commentators, media hacks, and even members of the White House have attempted to paint Rittenhouse as guilty in the court of public opinion, far before the facts of the case were laid out.

James’ take on the matter, which is otherwise completely irrelevant, was especially insensitive, given that most reasonable people — especially those with children — could clearly see that Rittenhouse’s emotional breakdown was quite authentic.

National Guard deployed

As closing arguments in the trial began on Monday, Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D) already ordered 500 Wisconsin National Guardsmen to “standby” status, in the event that violence breaks out when a verdict arrives, ABC 7 Chicago reported.

It’s truly a shame that when leftists don’t get their way, they tend to resort to violence. Should riots break out as a result of the trial’s verdict, it’ll mark yet another dark stain on American history.

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