Rita Borsellino, legendary anti-mafia politician, passes away at 73

A longtime anti-mafia crusader has passed away.

Rita Borsellino died at the age of 73, after what is being described as a long illness. 

Angry Sister

Tragedy led Borsellino into the world of politics. Before her brother’s murder in 1992, Rita was working as a pharmacist.

Her brother, Paolo, was working as a prosecutor.

The Sicilian mafia ended up taking him out with a car bomb.

That event changed the course of Rita’s life dramatically.

After burying her brother, she went from pharmacist to one of the most vocal and active anti-mafia crusaders in Italy.

Fighting the Mob

Borsellino joined Libera in 1994.

The organization works against organized crime in Italy.

Then, in 2006, she tried to take her fight to the next level.

Borsellino went up against the incumbent Governor, who had been tied to the mob, but lost the election.

She took another shot at the office in 2008, but once again fell short in the Senate race.

Finally, in 2009, she headed the Sicilian Democrat Party ticket to become a member of Parliament.

During that time, Borsellino stated, “I am angry and less optimistic than 17 years ago, when my brother was slain.”

In 2012, she would once again run for local office, this time for the Mayor’s seat in Palermo.

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Once again, though, Borsellino was defeated.

Nonetheless, she was a tireless fighter, who never gave up on ridding La Cosa Nostra from her beloved city.

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