Rising MMA star Alexander Pisarev dies at 33

The Daily Mail reports that Alexander Pisarev, the up-and-coming Russian Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter, has died at the young age of only 33. 

Pisarev, according to the outlet, was found in his bed not breathing by his father, Igor Vladimirovich, on Oct. 30. The fighter was taken to the hospital, but, apparently, nothing could be done for him, and he died.

The question that everyone is now trying to figure out is what led to Pisarev’s untimely death. And, at least two theories have been suggested so far.

One possible cause

Following the news of Pisarev’s passing, a member of his team put out a statement suggesting that the fighter’s death was the result of food poisoning.

“Alexander Pisarev died in his sleep and did not have any chronic health problems,” the teammate said. “According to preliminary data, death was the result of food poisoning.”

Multiple media outlets have suggested that bad watermelon is the specific cause of Pisarev’s passing. It is reported that his wife, who also ate the watermelon, had to also be hospitalized.

Still, some are having a hard time believing that eating a bad watermelon can kill an otherwise young and healthy individual, particularly as quickly as is suggested.

The other possibility that is being reported by some local news stations is that Pisarev died as a result of an opioid overdose. Not much information, however, has been provided about this possibility.

An investigation is underway

Russian officials are said to be investigating the cause of Pisarev’s death.

The Moscow Region Investigative Committee put out a statement, saying:

In Balashikha, an investigation was organized into the death of an athlete as a result of poisoning. Investigators, with the participation of a forensic specialist, are conducting an additional inspection of the scene, confiscating items relevant to the investigation, and planning a forensic chemical examination.

“Words cannot express . . .”

Pisarev’s team has put out an emotional statement on the loss of their teammate and friend.

They wrote:

My brother, my friend, my student! Words cannot express the extent of the loss. Alexander Pisarev is the standard of friendship, decency, and courage of a Russian person. I and we will miss you!!! Rest in peace our brother.

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