Riots in Colombia result in at least 7 deaths: Report

The United States is not the only country seeing widespread protests against alleged police brutality.

The streets of Columbia have exploded into riots after shocking video of a man’s death in police custody went viral — and according to Breitbart, the violence has left at least seven dead and hundreds more injured.

An untimely death

The viral video depicting the death of Javier Ordóñez is nothing short of disturbing. The man, a law student and taxi driver, is seen lying shirtless on the street, with two officers restraining him.

He doesn’t appear to be resisting and begs them to stop, according to Breitbart. But even with Ordóñez under control, police continued to use stun guns on him.

A man behind the camera reportedly said: “He’s telling you ‘please,’ we’re recording you, don’t continue… Why do you continue harming him if he’s said please?”

Breitbart reported that Ordóñez died from electrocution. His crime? Allegedly violating quarantine orders related to COVID-19.

The violence continues

Ordóñez’s death prompted rioting on Colombia that, according to CBS News, saw buildings and vehicles set ablaze.

Officials announced that there would be an investigation into the taxi driver’s death, but that did little to quell the unrest. According to Breitbart, two of the officers involved have also been suspended.

“Our assessment shows the atrocity of the vandalism, the atrocity of the violence that took place yesterday,” Defense Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo said of the incident, according to Breitbart. “This assessment mourns for society every time human lives are lost and it mourns society every time it gave rise to the damage to public goods that are at the service of the citizenry.”

He went on: “The Government’s policy is zero tolerance with the violation of the law and constitutional norms… [F]or that reason, we once again reject, with pain and indignation, the facts that could compromise two police officers, and which concluded in the death of Mr. Ordóñez.”

The whole situation serves as an ugly reminder of where our country could be headed if President Donald Trump doesn’t successfully tamp down on violence here in the United States.

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