Rioters From 2020 Destruction Collecting Millions of Dollars!

September 6, 2023
World Net Daily

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The summer of 2020 was one of riots across America. The violence and mass destruction, which included entire blocks of cities burned and leveled, is estimated to have caused $2 billion in damages.

The catastrophes were minimized by media outlets, including one that described a burning city center, with flames leaping into the sky, as a "mostly peaceful" protest, all in the wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis.

Officers were injured, and a few were killed.

Now those rioters are cashing in, collecting at least $68 million from the cities they attacked, according to a new analysis.

The Post-Millennial explained that cities that sustained damages in the Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots have been sued, over and over, for arresting suspects.

"In September of 2020, it was revealed that over $2 billion in property damage claims arising from the riots were made over that summer, marking the costliest riots in U.S. history. The Foundation for Economic Education suggested that this total was likely higher, as the $2 billion figure looked only at insured businesses, and 75 percent of businesses are underinsured. Around 40 percent of small businesses have no insurance," the analysis explained.

Now the settlements are being reported.

Just recently, Denver agreed to hand out $4.7 million to some 200 Black Lives Matter rioters. They were arrested by police and claimed their First Amendment rights were violated.

Just weeks ago, a man hit by foam bullets in Los Angeles was given $3.75 million. Another man was given about $1.1 million for the same reason.

The cost, so far, of settling such cases in New York City already has reached $13 million for one dispute involving 1,300 people. Another case awarded $45,500 to each of at least 200 people.

The city also has settled 600 separate cases, costing around $12 million.

The analysis cited the $250,000 settlement in Portland, Philadelphia's decision to pay out $9.25 million, and more.

The analysis documented that cases already made a final total of more than $68 million in payments to those who participated in the race riots.

"Some cities have settled with businesses over these riots, including Seattle, which paid out $3.65 million in a lawsuit brought forth by businesses that were disrupted in connection to the violent Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, which closed down an eight-block section of the city," the analysis noted.

And in Minneapolis, businesses took on an estimated $500 million in damages.

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