RINO Romney touts support for Biden-backed infrastructure deal

According to a new report from the Utah-based Salt Lake Tribune, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) is ecstatic about the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that he helped Democrats and President Joe Biden pass through Congress.

Since when do Republicans unconditionally support Democrat-backed spending bills? Can we, once and for all, just recognize that Romney is only a Republican in name, and not in principle?

“I’m proud”

In its report, the Salt Lake Tribune quotes a statement that Romney made celebrating the fact that the bill is now headed to the president’s desk.

“I’m proud to have helped negotiate this bill because it gave Utah a seat at the table and benefits Americans across the country,” the senator said.

The Tribune goes on to note that Romney said Utah is expected to receive roughly $3 billion from the bill “for highway and road construction and repairs over the next five years.” And it does appear that some of the money will go toward traditional infrastructure ends.

The Tribune also reports that a large part of the “infrastructure” bill will go to projects aimed at combating climate change, however. That’s long been much of the GOP’s complaint about the package: that it goes way beyond traditional infrastructure, making it far more costly than it ought to be.

18 RINOs

Romney was one of 18 Senate “Republicans” who teamed up with the Senate Democratic caucus to pass the infrastructure package, which is also known as the Investing in a New Vision for the Environment and Surface Transportation in America (INVEST) Act.

After the bill passed the Senate, though, it struggled to get through Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) House, despite her slim Democrat majority. Infighting among her caucus didn’t help matters.

The problem was twofold: progressive Democrats refused to support the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill until they received assurance from moderate Democrats that they would, in turn, support Biden’s radical Build Back Better Act. And moderate Dems refused to give that assurance.

The standoff lasted for months until moderates finally gave in, or at least appeared to. They said they would support the Build Back Better Act after the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reviews its financial impact. It remains unclear, however, whether moderates will follow through on their promise to the more progressive members of their party.

The bill ended up passing despite progressive hesitation thanks to the support of 10 House Republicans. In both chambers, it was RINOs who made Biden’s dream possible.

Not only that, but these so-called Republicans have also paved the way for the Democrats to push Biden’s “Build Back Better Act” through Congress. This is not the sort of thing that real conservatives would be celebrating.

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