House of Representatives Passes ‘Right to Try’ Proposal for Desperately Ill People

The Trump administration has had a couple of challenging weeks, but when this new legislation hits his desk, it will definitely be part of the legacy he leaves behind as president.

The House of Representatives just passed Right-to-Try legislation that give Americans access to experimental treatments.

Bipartisan Support in the House

While Democrats blocked an attempt to have this legislation fast-tracked, it still drew the support of 35 Democrats in the House, with only two Republicans giving a thumbs down.

How the bill will fair in the Senate is still up for debate, but with the attention it is now getting, it is hard to imagine this bill not getting the support it will need to get to the President’s desk.

If Democrats do manage to put up enough resistance to have this bill shot down at the Senate level, they are going to have a hard time telling their constituents why they did it.

What Will This Legislation Do?

In a nutshell, Americans with serious illnesses that have run out of options will now be able to try experimental treatments.

Many of these treatments have not been covered by insurance companies in the past due to the risk associated with them.

In addition, doctors may have been hesitant to give these treatments to patients due to liability they would face if something happened to the patient while undergoing these treatments.

The legislation not only offers people the option for these treatments, but also protection for the drug providers and the doctors.

This Will Save Lives

There is no doubt at all this will help save American lives.

This is especially true for our elderly, who insurance companies more or less give up on these days.

The legislation will put Americans’ lives in their own hands, for once.

Up until now, for most of these people, they have been sitting around waiting to die.

At least this legislation gives them some hope.

Democrat Resistance

Democrats took to the podium to once again lecture Americans on what they can and can’t do.

The Democrats opposing this legislation are making the claim this legislation creates unacceptable risk, but they are ignoring the fact this is completely voluntary and often the last hope people have of having any type of normal life.

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Up until now, the biggest obstacle for this has been protection for the providers, and that is taken care of here.

Now, they will not only be saving the lives of the people willing to try the treatments, but also countless others that will be able to benefit from what doctors learn from these treatments.

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