'Ridiculous': School district refuses to tell parents big 'secret' it told students

July 30, 2023
World Net Daily

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A school district in Wisconsin is refusing to tell parents what officials told students about transgenderism.

And it's prompting a court case.

The problem is that officials at the school district in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, read a statement to students – reportedly about an orchestra teacher attempting a sex-change procedure.

But when parents asked to see the statement, the school district came down with a case of the secrets.

The fight is being handled by the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty.

That organization has filed a complaint with an Eau Claire judge challenging the school's decision to refuse to give parents a copy of the statement made to students.

WILL Associate Counsel Cory Brewer explained, "It’s ridiculous for a school district to refuse to produce a statement that was read out loud to dozens of minor students in several district classrooms? What was told to these kids should be readily accessible to parents."

"All I am asking is for the school district to provide what is told to my children and their peers in the classroom," said Leah Buchman, a parent. "As a parent, it's my responsibility to help my kids understand all that life throws their way, and I do not understand why it has taken the school district so long to update parents."

The fight erupted after officials, on the second-to-last day of the school year on June 5, 2023, ordered orchestra students at Northstar Middle School to the orchestra room.

"Once there, they found orchestra teacher Jacob Puccio, a school counselor, and the District’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion director, Dang Yang," WILL reported. "Students were told that Puccio would be undergoing a gender transition from male to female."

Then, the WILL legal team charges, "A scripted statement was read to multiple classes of elementary and high school music students in the district, including North High School and at least three elementary schools (Sam Davey Elementary, Locust Lane Elementary, and Northwoods Elementary)."

Buchman immediately asked for a copy of the statement but school officials refused.

The reason cited was because "an investigation was underway into whether any "employee acted improperly with respect to the June 6 events."

WILL also asked for the statement, and was refused.

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