‘Never-Trumper’ Rick Wilson targeted over alleged hypocrisy, financial problems

Some conservative media outlets are focusing on longtime Republican strategist Rick Wilson in an attempt to discredit his contributions to the so-called “Never-Trump” brand of political affiliation that arose from the 2016 presidential campaign.

On Wednesday, Breitbart published an in-depth report on Wilson, highlighting his perceived hypocrisies and documenting his alleged financial issues, some of which reportedly still plague the GOP strategist to this day.

“Guess that’s 2020 for ya”

For starters, the Breitbart article pointed to Wilson’s public statements in opposition to the Confederate flag in contrast to social media posts that appear to show him in possession of items adorned with the same design.

He has also faced recent ridicule for his reply to a 2012 Domino’s Pizza tweet thanking then-civilian Kayleigh McEnany — now the White House press secretary — for her compliment. The restaurant chain fired back with its own take on the matter.

The Breitbart report goes on to detail reports of two home foreclosures, lawsuits over unpaid credit card debt, and IRS liens against past-due tax bills. Wilson was reportedly battling these financial woes during the 2016 presidential cycle in which he emerged as a leading GOP voice against candidate Donald Trump.

The Lincoln Project

In decades past, according to Breitbart, Wilson had built a reputation for creating effective — if negative — campaign ads, beginning his consulting career with George H.W. Bush during his 1988 presidential bid.

During the 1990s, Wilson teamed up with New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and continued working with various Republican candidates through his own consulting firm, Intrepid Media.

By 2007, however, he reportedly faced mounting financial problems including an attempted foreclosure by JP Morgan. Able to forestall that crisis, the IRS filed a lien — reportedly still in effect — against Wilson for nearly $400,000 in unpaid taxes, Breitbart reported.

CitiBank reportedly initiated another foreclosure proceeding against him in 2016.

During the Trump administration, Wilson has been a leading voice within the Lincoln Project, a Republican-led organization aiming to help defeat the incumbent president in November’s election.

While some in the media choose to focus on his personal life, it remains to be seen whether Wilson and other Never-Trump Republicans will play an influential role in the current election season.

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