Florida Gov. Rick Scott attends welcome party for incoming senators in Washington

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell held a little welcome party for the new class of senators coming into office.

Democrats were no doubt upset that current governor and Senator-Elect Rick Scott was among those invited.

A good week for Mitch

Sen. McConnell has had a great week.

After his party won a majority in the Senate yet again, he was re-elected Majority Leader.

When the announcement was first made, McConnell sent out a tweet saying he was “Honored” for being chosen.

McConnell believes the incoming GOP senators represent a very strong group of conservatives that will help keep Trump’s agenda on track — including Gov. Scott.

Rick Scott leads in Florida

Scott is the current governor of Florida, and, at least for now, he is a senator-elect.

Even with all of the election irregularities going on in Florida, Scott has held a lead throughout the process.

On election night, he held a significantly larger lead, with some 60,000 votes.

With extra votes being “found” in counties across the Sunshine State, that lead has shrunk — so much so, in fact, that a recount is now mandatory.

What will come of the recount?

While conservatives are sure Scott will maintain the win, Democrats are trying to say that Republicans are preventing all the votes from being counted.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) even took that claim a step further, saying: “Bill Nelson is – is strong as could be.”

He went on: “He believes, I believe, he’s won a majority of the votes, and as long as they’re counted, he will continue being senator from Florida.”

Schumer is living in fantasyland, though, as history is in Scott’s favor.

Even after the “found” votes were counted, Scott still holds a 12,000-vote lead on Nelson.

Additionally, the biggest shift in votes ever following election night counts occurred in 2006, when the election result shifted by .11 points.

[show_poll poll_id=5845]

To retain office, Nelson would need a .15 shift in votes, far above that margin and significantly higher than the national average of .02 change for recounts.

Rather than accept defeat and start to move forward, though, Democrats are already posturing, insisting that both the Georgia and Florida elections are being stolen by Republicans.

But with voter fraud allegations against Dems coming from pundits across the country, who is really doing the stealing here?

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