Rick Perry serves final day as Secretary of Energy

One of President Trump’s favorite cabinet members has just served his last day in the administration.

Texas native Rick Perry is now officially a “former” Secretary of Energy. After submitting his intent to resign in October, Perry served his last day in the position Sunday.

Controversial from the start

Formerly a longtime governor of Texas, Rick Perry’s appointment was controversial from the moment Trump nominated him for the position. Perry was on record as previously having stated the Energy Department should be scrapped.

This was brought up time and again by Democrats during his confirmation hearings, but it did little to thwart his nomination. Hailing from Texas, it is no surprise that Perry was not a fan of the regulations coming out against the fossil fuel industry from the Energy Department.

Perry was clearly put into this position to roll back many of those regulations to bring the United States up among the leaders in fossil fuel production and he was very successful at accomplishing that goal.

He actually mentioned this briefly on his final day, citing that the United States was now the number one “oil- and gas-producing country in the world.”

Saying goodbye

People wondered how Perry would be sent off by President Trump considering his role in the Ukraine scandal.

However, Trump had nothing but nice things to say about Perry, even referring to him as him “my friend,” and tweeting, “I want to thank Secretary of Energy Rick Perry for the outstanding job he has done.”

Trump touted the job done by Perry during his time as Energy Secretary as well as announcing Perry’s replacement back in October when the resignation was first announced.

With Perry gone, Deputy Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette has been nominated to fill the position.

Trump, in his tweet making the announcement, called Brouillette “a total professional.”

Perry has yet to announce his future plans after leaving the administration, but there is much speculation that he plans on running for office again, if not in 2020, then definitely during the 2022 or 2024 election cycles.

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