Pro-abortion liberals demand Rhodes College remove Justice Amy Coney Barrett from ‘Hall of Fame’ for overturning Roe v. Wade

There are countless liberal Democrats who remain incensed at the Supreme Court’s recent decision to overrule Roe v. Wade and return the issue of abortion to the individual states, and many of those angry Democrats have sought various ways to exact revenge against the Republican-appointed justices who made up the majority in the Dobbs ruling.

That certainly includes Justice Amy Coney Barrett, and now a liberal group of her fellow alumni from Tennessee’s Rhodes College have sent a petition to that school demanding that Barrett be removed from its “Hall of Fame,” the Conservative Brief reported.

The effort follows months of angry protests outside Barrett’s home in Virginia, the address of which was published online by a leftist pro-abortion group, as well as harassment, intimidation, and direct threats against her and her family from pro-abortion activists.

Barrett was “disingenuous and misleading” in Senate testimony, represents danger to “democracy”

Fox News reported that a group calling itself the Rhodes College Alumni for Reproductive Rights sent a letter and petition for Justice Barrett’s removal from a place of honor at the school to the college’s president and director of community standards.

That five-page letter repeatedly asserted that Barrett had been “disingenuous and misleading” during her Senate confirmation hearings in October 2020 with respect to her testimony on such issues as upholding prior court precedent, her stance on Roe v. Wade specifically, and her “originalist” philosophy on judicial decision making.

The authors and signers of the petition cited the Rhodes College Honor Code as the basis for the complaints and asserted that Barrett had violated the three “fundamental values” at the core of that code — “truthfulness, frankness, and transparency” — and further insisted that Barrett herself directly represented “one of the biggest current threats to our fundamental rights, the stability of our nation, and our democracy.”

“Simply being one of our most famous alumni is not a sufficient reason for the College to continue honoring someone thus who has very publicly breached the most fundamental Rhodes values,” the letter concluded. “Therefore, we respectfully request that Justice Barrett be removed from the Rhodes College Hall of Fame based on the above violations of the Rhodes Honor System.”

Turley smacks down petitioners for hypocritical and false allegations

Noted law professor Jonathan Turley took great issue with that letter and petition on his website and blasted the participants who wrote and signed it for engaging in “gross misrepresentations of her testimony” in furtherance of their partisan goals and desire to see Barrett punished for holding “opposing views on constitutional interpretation.”

He further asserted that it was the group of Barrett-hating alumni, and not Barrett herself, who were acting in violation of the Rhodes College Honor Code by grasping at false and debunked allegations regarding her Senate testimony to launch yet another political attack against the sitting jurist.

“No comment” from Rhodes College

As for Rhodes College itself, the Washington Examiner reported that the school acknowledged the existence of the petition calling for Barrett’s removal from its “Hall of Fame” but declined to comment specifically on the allegations and demands contained therein.

“We are aware that some alumni are soliciting signatures for a letter regarding Justice Amy Coney Barrett. The letter has not yet been delivered to Rhodes, so we have no comment at this time,” the college said in a statement.

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