Rhode Island Democratic state senator proposes an outrageous, tyrannical COVID vaccine mandate

One Democrat legislator in Rhode Island is pushing for a new type of COVID tyranny.

The Daily Caller reports that state Sen. Sam Bell (D) wants to make those who refuse to get vaccinated against the coronavirus pay twice as much income tax as they normally would be required to pay. 

Bell’s mandate

In March of this year, Bell introduced S. 2552. It’s another coronavirus vaccine mandate.

The mandate requires “every person of at least sixteen years of age who is eligible for immunization against COVID-19 and who resides in the State of Rhode Island, works in the State of Rhode Island, or pays personal income taxes to the State of Rhode Island . . . to be immunized against COVID-19.”

The mandate also requires coronavirus vaccines for those eligible to receive it who are under 16 years of age, and it places the responsibility for making this happen on “all parents or guardians with medical consent powers.”

The bill goes on to give suggestions to Rhode Island’s director of public health for coronavirus vaccination standards.

The penalty for noncompliance

Bell suggests several penalties for those who refuse to comply with his mandate.

As stated at the outset, one penalty would be to require non-compliant individuals to “owe twice the amount of personal income taxes as would otherwise be assessed.” Another penalty would be a “monthly civil penalty of fifty dollars” for non-compliant individuals.

In addition to this, employers who refuse to comply by not requiring proof of vaccination would be hit with a monthly $5,000 fine for each and every violation.

The penalties can only be described as tyrannical.

“Strongly support”

This week, Bell, once again, pushed for this mandate to become law given that coronavirus cases are rising. He cited a poll that shows, in his words, “that Rhode Islanders still strongly support a universal vaccine mandate.” The poll did not ask whether Rhode Island residents would support his particular mandate.

What we do know is that since Bell introduced the bill, two state senators signed onto it before taking their names off of it. So, for now, it appears that the people of Rhode Island are safe as Bell’s bill is gaining any real support.

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