RFK Jr. qualifies for Iowa ballot after holding special one-day state convention

 April 14, 2024

While former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden are the main event for the 2024 presidential election, another candidate is trying his best to make waves. 

According to the Associated Press, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently went to Iowa for a "one-day blitz" in an attempt "to gain access to Iowa’s presidential ballot as an independent candidate."

RFK Jr. desperately needs access to all of the state ballots he can possibly access if he wants even a remote chance at competing, let alone winning or doing well in a state.

The Democrat-turned-independent candidate has struggled to gain much in the way of traction, but is performing just well enough to be a thorn in Biden's side.

What did he do?

Kennedy worked overtime in an attempt to qualify for the state's ballot by holding a convention with "at least 500 eligible Iowa voters representing at least 25 counties."

The AP noted:

Before adjourning the convention Saturday, chair Dave Owen announced that 686 delegates representing more than 35 counties in Iowa were in attendance, figures that could not immediately be verified.

Of course, the AP and other Biden-friendly media outlets will take their time "verifying" the results, because once again, even though Kennedy probably won't topple Biden, he takes more votes away from Biden than he does Trump in hypothetical 2024 matchups.

The AP reported that, so far, Kennedy has only managed to get on the ballot in Utah, but his campaign press secretary announced on X that he managed to secure the Iowa ballot as a result of his convention.

"On Saturday, April 13, nearly 1,000 people came to the Val Air Ballroom in West Des Moines, Iowa, in support of putting 'Bobby on the Ballot.' Iowa offers a special way to achieve ballot access in one day by having 500 eligible voters in the state attend an assembly and sign a form attesting they were present at the event. The campaign today succeeded in getting more than 650 eligible Iowa voters to sign the assembly form," his campaign's website read on Sunday.

"Thank you Iowa"

Kennedy, on his website, thanked Iowa voters for showing up in force and allowing him to take advantage of the available pathway to get on the state's ballot in November.

"Thank you Iowa for showing up and getting me on the ballot in your state," said Kennedy.

He added, "What an incredible day. I love your passion and commitment for reviving the American dream and restoring democracy to our great land."

Obviously, RFK Jr. has a ton more work to do if he wants to make a real splash, but like him or not, he's out there doing it and obviously has no intention of stopping.

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