RFK Jr. bucks Democrats, says J6 protest was not an 'insurrection'

 April 6, 2024

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. stirred up controversy among Democrats recently after offering his thoughts on what really happened on Jan. 6, 2021 at the U.S. Capitol. 

According to Breitbart, the independent presidential candidate issued a statement on Jan. 6 prosecutions, calling out prosecutors for going after the non-violent protesters who took part in the protest that day.

RFK Jr. was careful to say that the violent offenders who were behind the rioting actions should be severely punished.

But like many other reasonable-thinking people, he doesn't believe that those who were there protesting peacefully, like many other ideological groups have in the past, should be prosecuted by the DOJ.

What did he say?

Kennedy Jr. had a drastically different take on the situation than Democrats, who have unfairly painted all participants in the protest as violent, out-of-control extremists.

"January 6 is one of the most polarizing topics on the political landscape. I am listening to people of diverse viewpoints on it in order to make sense of the event and what followed. I want to hear every side," he wrote.

RFK Jr. added, "It is quite clear that many of the January 6 protestors broke the law in what may have started as a protest but turned into a riot. Because it happened with the encouragement of President Trump, and in the context of his delusion that the election was stolen from him, many people see it not as a riot but as an insurrection."

He then admitted that even some of Trump's critics are reasonable enough to admit that it was far from what Democrats call an "insurrection."

"I have not examined the evidence in detail, but reasonable people, including Trump opponents, tell me there is little evidence of a true insurrection. They observe that the protestors carried no weapons, had no plans or ability to seize the reins of government, and that Trump himself had urged them to protest "peacefully,'" his statement read.

Kennedy Jr. said that while he opposes Trump and his policies, he can "still be disturbed by the weaponization of government against him."

Promises if elected

While it's a longshot that RFK Jr. will be the president come next year, he outlined several courses of action he would take regarding the J6 defendants should he win the White House.

"As President, I will appoint a special counsel — an individual respected by all sides — to investigate whether prosecutorial discretion was abused for political ends in this case, and I will right any wrongs that we discover," he vowed.

He then seemingly took a shot at the Democratic Party regarding its apparent use of the justice system against a political opponent.

"Instead of demonizing our opponents as apocalyptic threats to democracy, let’s focus on the issues and priorities of how they will govern, and defeat them at the ballot box rather than through legal maneuvers and dirty tricks," he wrote.

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