Burt Reynolds revealed the happiest time in his life as he neared the end

In an industry littered with selfish behavior, Burt Reynolds was someone who truly stood out for being generous to a fault.

In an interview just before his death, Reynolds revealed that the happiest days of his life were spent working on Evening Shade with David A.R. White.

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Getting His Start

When he first started out, White was a nobody. But that’s not how Reynolds treated him.

Reynolds apparently saw something in the actor and was literally responsible for launching his career.

Rather than scolding White for ad-libbing a line during a taping, Reynolds even gave White a recurring role in his hit TV series,Evening Shade.


Burt Reynolds has always rewarded those that were the most loyal to him in his career.

Since Reynolds was instrumental in helping White during his early years in the industry, White decided to pay him back in 2016, when he was co-creator of a comedy called Hitting the Breaks.

He reached out to Burt Reynolds to see if he would accept the recurring role of Ron Wilcox.

Reynolds accepted.

Best of Times

While filming the show, White had the opportunity to sit down and rehash the time they spent together on Evening Shade.

Reynolds then revealed those were among the best days of his life and career.

“It was just an amazing time for me,” Reynolds stated.

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He added: “I wish I could have done Evening Shade for 10 years. I really do. It was a wonderful time. I think, the happiest I was were those years… and the second happiest was Gunsmoke.”

There is something to be said for a steady paycheck, even for bigtime actors.

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