Researcher on LGBT Issues Charges School Confiscated, Censored Work

April 21, 2023
World Net Daily

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A sociologist who researched the censorship experienced by university faculty members who oppose the transgender ideology on campus has filed a complaint against the City University of London claiming her work was confiscated and suppressed.

"Those with a responsibility to support me have frustrated my ability to progress with the research or denied expected support via actions as well as omissions to act," charged Laura Favaro in her complaint.

"This includes being ignored, ostracized, bullied, harassed – ending with a dismissal and confiscation of my data," she said.

She began her project in 2020, and documented multiple testimonies from school employees who "told her they had endured threats of violence over the gender debate, feared reprisals and were 'all so afraid.'"

Then when an article on the research appeared in Times High Education, describing a "culture of silencing and fear," the school pulled her plug, she said.

"It feels like a never-ending nightmare, dystopian, so unjust. All I have been trying to do is my job as a sociologist. There was a social conflict, so I asked questions, collected data, reported on the findings, and offered an analysis. That is my job," she reported according to the Daily Mail.

"In contrast to all my expectations, I leave with poor employment prospects because I have been unable to publish findings or even attend interviews. My experience at City has left me exhausted, traumatized, and with broken self-esteem."

She said she wants back her research data.

"I want to make the anonymized survey accessible to other researchers by depositing it in the UK Data Archive as per my commitment to the funder and participants, and I want to publish findings. I owe this to myself, my family, my participants, and society," she said in an interview with the Telegraph.

Her claims now are pending before an employment tribunal which is considering her charges of harassment, victimization, and discrimination.

She had been recruited to come from Spain and to the work funded with £18,000 from the Equality and Human Rights Commission and £10,000 from the British Academy.

But her results, her interviews with 50 individuals in gender studies, a survey of hundreds, and other documents and evidence, never have been published.

She said that she was told the study had "become an institutionally sensitive issue."

She said the school also expressed being "frightened" of making her results known.

Her lawyer, Peter Daly, explained, "Dr. Favaro's treatment raises significant and concerning questions about the freedom of academics to properly pursue research. We are in the process of preparing an employment tribunal claim on her behalf, which we anticipate will succeed if litigated to a conclusion."

School officials declined to comment.

At the Christian Institute, a report explained, "During the research, scholars told her that they experienced threats of violence, hostility from colleagues and feared that their careers would not survive the backlash if they spoke out against transgender ideology."

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