Research uncovers donation ‘mules,’ unemployed who donated millions to Dems

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A new report has revealed research into donation “mules,” those unemployed people across America who donated hundreds of thousands of times, adding up to millions of dollars, to Democrats.

The Gateway Pundit is reporting on the research from engineer Chris Gleason, who launched a project to determine who was most likely “to vote for which candidate and how likely were they to support particular candidates and causes.”

”What he and a small group of others determined was that Washington State had a massive network of campaign finance mules. They identified massive numbers of registered voters in Washington State who were making thousands of donations to Democrat party candidates nationwide and progressive PACs. The individual donation amounts were not large. These donations were small and had been intentionally set up to avoid throwing up red flags,” the report explained.

”These ‘Money Mules’ were not wealthy individuals. They were average Americans, living in an average house in an average neighborhood. Or at least that is how it would appear. The investigative group observed massive patterns and red flags in the data. One of the biggest flags was that all of these campaign finance mules in Washington State had been making donations to Raphael Warnock in Georgia.”

In fact, NBC recently confirmed Warnock raised $52.2 million for his re-election between Oct. 20 through Nov. 16, more than doubling the fundraising total of his opponent, Republican Herschel Walker, the report said.

Warnock, the top fundraising federal candidate of the 2022 election cycle by a long shot, spent $39.2 million over the same period, which almost doubled Walker’s spend too. The incumbent closed the period with $29.7 million banked away.

The report said, “It turns out that millions in donations were sent to candidates like Raphael Warnock from ‘money mules’ around the country. Warnock was the top beneficiary of all 2022 Democrat candidates of this money distribution scheme.”

A key finding in the research was that “these very active donors were all unemployed,” the report said.

The Gateway Pundit explained those masses of unemployed in Washington state donating thousands of times, totaling millions of dollars, to Warnock were not alone.

”In an amazing turn of events, the same exact pattern was discovered in every single state where the same queries were run. There were massive numbers of Democrat donors making donations at a rate that defied all logic and reason. How could so many people be making so many donations all to the same exact organizations and candidates? How could all of these campaign finance mules be donating largely to Raphael Warnock?” the report said.

State after state, donation “mules” have been making regular, almost constant, donations to Democrats, the report confirmed.

”Overall, Raphael Warnock managed to receive over 358,000 donations from unemployed average Americans that totaled more than $24 million.”

The report openly wondered where “unemployed” people are getting millions of dollars to donate – or is someone else “really” making them.

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