Democrat Rep. David Cicilline walks back request for Sean Hannity to testify

After Sean Hannity said Thursday that Michael Cohen told him “personally” that he made the hush money payments decision without telling the president first, Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI) suggested that Hannity ought to testify before Congress. He tweeted: “Sean Hannity is now volunteering himself as a witness. I look forward to his testimony.”

Now, Cicilline says he wasn’t serious about wanting Hannity to testify.

“We have a tape…”

“If he has information to share he ought to do it before Congress under oath. I think we know that is not true because we have a tape recording of the president discussing those hush payments, so we know Mr. Cohen was testifying truthfully,” Cicilline told CNN, referring to the reported tape recording that Cohen allegedly made of his conversation with Trump about paying Karen McDougal.

“My point was if he has things to say, he ought to say it under oath before Congress rather than as a commentator on Fox News trying to defend the president,” he added.

What New Evidence?

Now that Democrats have control of the House, they are making it a point to waste as much of our taxpayer money as possible on investigating Donald Trump.

To hear them on TV, one would think they now possess a brand new treasure-trove of evidence. That simply isn’t true, though.

The evidence Democrats have is the same evidence that was available during the previous House investigation into President Trump.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-MA) continues to tell the media that he knows Trump is guilty of both collusion and obstruction of justice. He can’t tell us how he is connecting those dots, mind you, but he claims the proof is there.

But whatever the Democrats have, Mueller has. So what happens when Mueller’s report is eventually made public and it exonerates President Trump?

Gowdy Tells It Like It Is

Trey Gowdy, formerly a Republican Congressman from South Carolina, blasted the Dem investigations as utterly useless and a waste of taxpayer money.

All the Democrats are trying to do is create a negative news cycle for Trump heading into the 2020 election, he said.

The next election is going to serve as a big wake up call for this country. In 2020, it is about standing up for your rights or putting your stamp of approval on government overreach.

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