Republicans torch Biden for funding Putin’s war through continued oil imports from Russia

No matter what President Joe Biden claims he’ll do to support Ukraine and help ease the energy crisis in America, it’s disgustingly clear that he has no intentions of doing the latter, as his actions have spoken far louder than his words.

According to Fox News, Biden is taking increased criticism for not only hamstringing domestic energy production in the U.S., but also for refusing to hit Russian President Vladimir Putin where it really hurts, which would involve a refusal to purchase Russian oil as the country continues its illegal invasion of neighboring Ukraine.

Republican critics sparked a new round of criticism ahead of Biden’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night, slamming the president for not only canceling projects like the Keystone XL pipeline but by doing so, made the United States extremely reliant on Russian oil imports as a result.

Of course, those Russian energy imports, at the end of the day, continue to line Putin’s already deep coffers.

Biden financing Putin

GOP Whip Steve Scalise (LA) hammered the president for his disastrous energy policy which now keeps the United States mostly dependent on other countries, like Russia, to meet domestic demands.

Scalise even noted that such actions are actually funding Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

“Just look at some of the steps that President Biden took since he’s been president that have given leverage to Vladimir Putin and put billions of dollars in his pocket to finance this war against Ukraine,” the GOP leader said shortly before the SOTU address.

Although Biden has joined a number of European Union countries in imposing strict financial sanctions on Russia and Putin, so far, Biden has helped Putin protect his lucrative oil exporting business.

Russia, as of data available from December 2021, shows that the United States buys some 405,000 barrels of oil per day from Russia, and with the skyrocketing price of oil per barrel, it’s a gravy train of money for Putin and his oligarch friends in the energy industry.

The GOP solution

Republicans did more than point out the obvious mistakes Biden has made so far in his first year as far as energy is concerned. They also highlighted a number of solutions to spare the United States from sky-high gas prices and an ongoing energy crisis.

Some of those solutions include rolling back regulations on the U.S. energy sector, ending the pause on gas and oil leases, and expediting approval of all pending pipeline projects.

Under former President Donald Trump, America didn’t have an energy crisis, which allowed him to focus on other important issues. With quite literally the stroke of a presidential pen, Biden could reverse course and get America on the right track, but whether he’ll actually do it or not remains to be seen.

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