Senate Republicans prepare for likelihood of impeachment trial: Report

It is increasingly likely that House Democrats will send articles of impeachment to the Senate. If that occurs, Senate Republicans will move forward with the process of holding a trial, and both sides of the fight are now gearing up for what is certain to be a contentious, divisive endeavor, according to the Washington Examiner.

All that remains is for Democrats to go ahead and pull the trigger on impeachment.

Senate Strategy

Republicans will support President Trump not out of blind partisanship, but out of respect for the truth.

There has been no compelling evidence brought forward against Trump thus far, and in fact, the facts as currently known seem to vindicate him.

But Democrats want him impeached, possibly because they know they can’t beat him in the 2020 election.

With Joe Biden faltering and Bernie Sanders contending with health problems, Elizabeth Warren very well may be the candidate who will ultimately face Trump.

Therefore, Senate Republicans are fully aware that House Democrats won’t be abandoning their impeachment plans anytime soon. The issue has moved beyond politics and is now a matter of zealous ideology.

There are some Republicans who are considering the possibility of simply dismissing any articles of impeachment sent by the house. It is also possible that Chief Justice John Roberts, who would oversee any Senate trial, could do the same.

Impeachment will fail

Regardless of what the Senate decides, impeachment is destined to fail. Republicans in the Senate view the conduct of the House Democrats as a mockery of justice.

All proceedings to this point have been held in secret behind closed doors. Republican representatives aren’t permitted to call witnesses, and there has been no formal vote authorizing impeachment, according to Politico.

With the evidence weighing heavily in Trump’s favor and the Democrats earning no goodwill for themselves among the general public, Republicans will not turn their back on the president.

It would take 67 votes to convict President Trump in the Senate. That would require 20 Republicans to vote in favor of impeachment. There is almost no scenario in which that occurs, so all this time and energy spent by Democrats will have been a huge waste.

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