Anti-Trump Republicans launch new PAC supporting Biden for president: Report

Hiring Anthony Scaramucci may have been one of Donald Trump’s biggest mistakes — and now, the president’s former communications director is coming back to haunt him yet again.

ABC News reports that a group of anti-Trump Republicans, headed by Scaramucci, has launched the so-called “Right Side PAC” in hopes of boosting Joe Biden’s support among fellow Never-Trumpers this November.

Republicans for Democrats?

It’s safe to assume that Republicans haven’t all rallied by the party’s presidential candidate each election cycle, and the same goes for Democrats. But rather than wallow in their betrayal of Trump quietly, this year, a handful of Republicans are speaking out — and crossing the political aisle.

According to ABC News, the Right Side PAC — which is filled with former George W. Bush administration officials, former staffers for the late GOP Sen. John McCain, as well as Trump’s former White House communications director — is trying to round up Republicans “who have soured on” the current administration.

“I think we’re looking for Republicans who have soured on the president,” Matt Borges, a GOP operative who worked for both Bush and McCain, told ABC. “People who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 who don’t intend to do it this time.”

According to ABC, the PAC “is targeting disaffected GOP voters in [the] key battleground states of Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.” They will not be running any TV or radio ads, however, as ABC noted.

“He’s just a good person”

While supporters of Trump likely won’t be pleased with this development, there is some good news: the PAC will support down-ballot Republicans, apparently hoping that Democrats don’t take both the White House and Congress next year.

Still, the organization will meanwhile reportedly be trying to sell Biden as a reasonable and moderate Democrat who is far from a radical leftist.

“The truth is [Biden] is really not a radical leftist,” Borges told ABC. “He’s not supporting this ‘Defund the Police’ craziness. He’s never been for Medicare for All.”

Borges went on: “On top of that, most importantly, he’s just a good person, at a time when our country probably really needs that.”

Of course, Borges must have missed that the likes of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are pretty much running the show on the left right now. Biden may soon have no choice but to bow to their demands, especially if he wants young Americans to embrace him this November.

Is a progressive in the White House really what these Republicans want?

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