Republicans demand John Kerry’s resignation after audio reveals he leaked secrets to Iran

The Biden administration’s climate czar John Kerry is under fire, and Republicans are demanding his resignation after it was revealed that he leaked secrets to Iran, Breitbart reported.

Leaked audio obtained by several media outlets revealed that while serving as secretary of state in the Obama administration, Kerry told Iran that Israel was responsible for 200 covert attacks on Iranian targets. Those calling for Kerry to resign say he betrayed a close ally to curry favor with a despotic regime that hates both Israel and the United States.

The former secretary of state quickly denied the allegations, but there is enough evidence to warrant a thorough investigation of his conduct.

Kerry can’t be trusted

Americans ought to consider that had allegations surfaced that an official in the Trump administration had betrayed a close ally, there would be endless uproar and fury from Democrats.

The problem is we are not dealing with some hypothetical. Kerry betrayed a close ally, and both the mainstream media and the Democratic Party are circling the wagons to defend him.

Kerry took to Twitter deny the report, saying, “I can tell you that this story and these allegations are unequivocally false. This never happened – either when I was Secretary of State or since.

The audio that was obtained showed Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif claiming that Kerry had made the admissions about Israel. Furthermore, Zarif mentioned that he was shocked Kerry would make such an admission.

Disastrous foreign policy

If these reports prove to be more than allegations, Kerry is a traitor who should at the very least be tossed out of government and, at the worst, prosecuted.

There is no telling what kind of damage Kerry has done in the Middle East by betraying our only true ally. He cannot be trusted, and President Joe Biden must do the right thing and get rid of him.

Former President Trump warned that Biden would be terrible for our foreign policy, which seems to be coming true.

Democrats cried foul at every move Trump made that they perceived would damage our relationship with out allies. Now we have audio evidence that a key figure in Biden’s administration betrayed one of our closest allies.

The shouts and anger from Democrats are nowhere to be found, which once again exposes them as the partisan hypocrites that they are. Biden has already been a disaster in both the domestic and foreign arenas. Republicans need to get to work, and the mistake that is Biden’s administration needs to be reined in.

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