Republicans in New Jersey state legislature stage protest against Democrats’ COVID rules

A group of Republican state legislators just stood up to the tyranny being imposed by Democrats upon the people of New Jersey.

Newsmax reports that a group of GOP lawmakers purposely violated COVID-related restrictions that state Dems had enacted for the New Jersey state assembly.

Their provisions require anyone entering the building to either show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or a negative test for the disease. To this end, tables have been set up at the building’s entrances at which officials are stationed to check the documents of all who enter, and state troopers are on hand to make sure everyone complies.

The Republicans, however, weren’t having it.

The incident

The incident took place on Thursday, which was the first voting session of the lame-duck period, which will go on until the new legislature takes over in January.

Reports indicate that a group of at least 10 Republican lawmakers approached the New Jersey assembly without providing documentation. They were stopped by the state troopers.

“You have no right to stop us,” Assemblymember Erik Peterson said, according to Newsmax. “You see this? You see this, folks? Denying us entry into our house.”

After about 10 minutes, the state troopers let the Republican lawmakers enter without satisfying the screening requirements. After that, more assembly members were allowed to enter, again without satisfying the requirements.

When all was said and done, almost all of the 28 Republican assembly members ended up in the building, in their elected seats, without providing vaccine cards or the results of coronavirus tests, Newsmax reported.

The aftermath

As would be expected, New Jersey Democrats were quick to condemn their Republican counterparts for defying the preventative measures. They’re also now trying to get to the bottom of why state troopers let the Republicans through.

Democratic Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin was among those who spoke out, calling what happened “a colossal failure of security,” as Newsmax reported. “Twenty-eight members of the minority caucus could not be bothered to exhibit common decency and humanity all because they would rather have a couple of minutes on TV news,” he said.

Republicans, in contrast, used the opportunity to speak out against the restrictions, which they called “unfair” and “discriminatory.” The first hearing in a court case challenging the rules is expected to take place later this month.

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