Republicans block Joe Biden from moving American embassy in Jerusalem

October 4, 2023
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House Republicans passed a measure blocking the Biden administration from moving the U.S. embassy in Israel out of Jerusalem on a 360-67 vote.

The measure proposed by Representative Claudia Tenney (R-NY) passed with bipartisan support while the 67 no votes were made up entirely of Democrats.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was one of those 67 Democrats who opposed the resolution which is designed to signal American solidarity with Israel as Israel continues to battle for dominance in the region.

Representative Tenney stated, "At a time when Israel faces some of its greatest threats, such as Iran and Palestinian terrorism, we must stand resolute with our greatest ally in the Middle East. My amendment, which passed the House, prevents funds from being used to relocate our embassy out of Jerusalem!"

The measure is the latest win that Republicans have scored in their long battle to stop the Biden administration's war on Israel.

Anti-Israel agenda grinding to a halt

Since day one, the Biden administration has done everything in its power to make an enemy out of one of our most reliable allies in the Middle East.

In 2021, Joe Biden attempted to open a special consulate for Palestinians in Jerusalem which would have legitimized the unofficial state of Palestine's claims to Jerusalem.

Thankfully, that measure failed but there are reports that the Biden administration is working to revive it again.

Moving the U.S. embassy out of Jerusalem while opening a Palestinian consulate in Jerusalem would be a massive betrayal of Israel and essentially signal that the United States is switching sides in the ongoing conflict.

The House resolution was met with celebration by the Zionist Organization of America which stated, "This overwhelming support for Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital is a significant milestone. Except for those with extremist, even Israel-hating opinions, large majorities of both parties support the continued presence in Jerusalem of the U.S. Embassy. There is a true consensus that Jerusalem is important to both the United States and to Israel.

The ZOA also called out radical Democrats saying that the, "ZOA is troubled by the small but fanatical opposition to acknowledging the status of Jerusalem within the Democratic Party. We will continue to work to make this issue beyond politics."

Democrats show their colors

The Biden administration's continued attempts to radically subvert standard American policy towards Israel betrays their true colors.

It isn't just the radicals that President Biden has hired to work in his administration, it is also Biden himself that is working against Israel. Biden has made a habit of being hypercritical and demanding of Israel while showing support to the Palestinian Authority.

The antisemitic stance of the Biden administration isn't acknowledged enough and Americans ought to pay attention to the Biden administration's actions towards our closest and most reliable ally in the Middle East.

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