Republicans attempt to change Nebraska to a winner-take-all state ahead of the 2024 presidential election

 April 10, 2024

GOP activists are hoping to change Nebraska elections law that splits the Electoral College vote ahead of the 2024 election, Breitbart reported. They're asking for Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen (R) to convene an emergency meeting of the legislature to make it happen.

As a Republican, former President Donald Trump is likely to win the lion's share of the electoral votes in the Cornhusker State. Still, President Joe Biden could take some of the votes, which could impact the overall outcome of the national election.

Rather than the typical winner-take-all model, Nebraska splits the votes proportionally between the winners. The only other state to use that system is Maine.

Fox News host Mark Levin and Charlie Kirk's Turning Point Action group mobilized the effort to get Pillen to rectify the situation.  They hosted a rally on Tuesday at Lord of Hosts Church in Omaha, Nebraska, to encourage citizens to take action.

Pleading Their Case

Levin pointed out that the GOP is disadvantaged under the current system. "The Republican always wins a significant majority in Nebraska," he said, noting that it was "set up in a way so that the Republicans lose an electoral college vote."

The titular host of "The Mark Levin Show" went on to tout a "movement to fix that" but that it's up to the people to "get engaged" as time grows short. "The governor needs to call a special session, an emergency session of the legislature, and get this legislation passed," Levin said.

"You know damn well if it was a Democrat running the show under these circumstances, they’d do whatever they’d have to do. And for once, we have something we can do rather than wring our hands and whine," Levin pointed out.

"Winner should take all. We can’t lose this election by one electoral college vote," the host said.

Levin believes that it's more in line with the reason for the Electoral College in the first place. "We’re talking about a presidential election, not a congressional election here. The people of the state decide, not the people of Omaha," Levin said.

Fellow Republicans Push Back

Unfortunately, the Republican Party is not united around this effort in Nebraska as some pockets of anti-Trump sentiment exist. A group of these Republicans has pushed back against the change, The Hill reported.

Defending Democracy Together is leading the charge to make sure the system remains as is. "Nebraskans take pride in their ability to exercise their voting power to make their congressional district’s voice heard," a statement from organization spokesperson Gunner Ramer said.

"When voters feel that their presidential vote truly matters, our democracy is better for it. That’s what makes Nebraska’s current system so powerful. Lawmakers in Lincoln need to uphold that pro-democratic principle," he added.

A measure introduced already failed in a vote last week and has become a bone of contention even within the party. If Nebraska doesn't change its system, Biden could win a vote that may make the difference in the national election.

The Electoral College is a stopgap that keeps Americans from being ruled solely by the whims of city-dwellers. Nebraska has a right to do as it pleases, but it's in the best interest of the GOP and the majority of Nebraskans for the state to change its procedure.

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