Republican Wesley Hunt demands probe of Biden health cover-up

 July 10, 2024

Texas Republican Wesley Hunt is calling for an investigation into the apparent cover-up of Joe Biden's cognitive decline, calling it the "biggest scandal in American political history."

"There should be investigations into what happened here,” he told Breitbart, "because all evidence points to Biden suffering from a debilitating and degenerative medical condition.”

The Biden coverup

Biden has faced pressure to step aside since his disastrous debate performance on CNN last month, which laid bare concerns that Americans have long had about his age.

During the debate, Biden was often incoherent and blurted out nonsensical statements like, "we beat Medicare."

Biden later sought to repair the damage with a sit-down interview with ABC News, but the segment only amplified concerns as Biden again appeared confused and declined to take a cognitive test.

Hunt scoffed at the sudden change of heart from members of the media, who have become critical of Biden's health condition after ignoring it for years.

“It’s funny to me how shocked Democrats and members of the media are now,” Hunt said.

“In fact, President [Donald] Trump did the country a favor by going to the CNN debate and exposing Biden’s cognitive rot to millions of Americans who were hoodwinked by the media and the Democrat party,” he added.

What did White House know?

While Biden has rejected calls to step aside, scrutiny of Biden and his administration continues to mount, as liberal pundits and some top Democrats cast doubt on Biden's ability to defeat Donald Trump in November. Even Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.) has asked Biden to think hard about his next move.

Meanwhile, Biden's press secretary has given misleading answers about a neurologist's visits to the White House, raising more questions about what the administration has been hiding from the public.

Biden's decline isn't just a political scandal, it's also a national security concern, Hunt said, citing reports that Biden is only able to function for part of the day.

"Who is taking the 3 a.m. phone call if a national security crisis pops off?” Hunt asked. “Will it be de facto President Dr. Jill? Or will it be the convicted felon and former drug addict Hunter Biden?”

“And if White House staffers knew this and hid it from the public, then we’re looking at the biggest scandal in American political history,” Hunt said.

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