Looking ahead to 2024, Republican voters overwhelmingly back Trump: Poll

Even when he’s out of the headlines, former President Donald Trump continues to dominate the polls.

In a major win for the former president and a crushing blow to his successor, the Washington Examiner reports that a new poll shows an overwhelming majority of Republican voters — 73% — want Trump to make another bid for the White House in 2024. If Joe Biden was planning on running for a second term, this news almost certainly has him shaking in his boots.

Worse still for Democrats: If Biden is thinking about calling it quits after a single term and Democrats were hoping to put Vice President Kamala Harris up for the Oval Office in 2024, they could be in for a run for their money.

The poll, conducted earlier this month by McLaughlin & Associates, found Trump would best Harris in a hypothetical match-up for the presidency in 2024 by a margin of 49% to 45%, the Examiner reported. Of course, it’s still up in the air whether Trump will run at all — or if Harris might end up at the top of the ticket for Democrats.

The clear favorite

The poll cited by the Examiner surveyed 1,000 Americans likely to vote in the 2022 midterm elections. Among Republican respondents, a whopping 83% said they’d vote for Trump if his name was on the ballot in 2024, according to the Examiner.

And GOP voters indeed want him on the ballot. Looking ahead to the 2024 Republican presidential primary, Trump remains the clear favorite, with the support of 57% of respondents to McLaughlin’s recent survey.

It’s a sizeable lead: the Republican who came up second — former Vice President Mike Pence — had the support of just 10% of Republicans, the Examiner said. Meanwhile, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), a Trump ally recently thought to be a favorite for the 2024 GOP primary, garnered the support of 8% of respondents.

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, who also has strong ties to Trump, got 5% support, the Examiner reported.

The attacks have backfired

The numbers mark wins for Trump all around: both he and his allies continue to dominate the Republican Party, while Democrats continue to come up short. In a recent YouGov poll, Harris was found to be largely unpopular with Americans; a full 48% said they had an unfavorable opinion of her.

That included 84% of Republican respondents to the YouGov poll, 57% of independent respondents, and even 19% of Democrats — or nearly 1 in 5.

Meanwhile, the attacks against Trump from those on the left and their allies in the mainstream media seem to only be encouraging his supporters more, according to an analysis from the pollsters behind the McLaughlin & Associates survey.

Boom, boom!!” they wrote for Newsmax. “All the relentless attacks against President Trump have backfired and will continue to backfire. No wonder the Democrats have moved on from impeachment to hoping for new phony indictments. They must have the same numbers in their polls. The voters want results, but not the kind that they are getting from Biden and Harris.”

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