Republican stalwart dies suddenly of stroke at age 79

Some people in the party are far more important than the faces and names we see in the news headlines every day.

Jim Donner was one such person and sadly, Donner passed away on Good Friday at the age of 79.

Who Is He?

If you are not deeply involved in politics, you may have never heard of Donner.

For those of us that live and breathe this world, though, Donner’s name was as common as the morning newspaper.

Donner was one of the “good ole boys” and he was not afraid to act in said fashion.

He was a boisterous man that while loyal to the party, had no qualms about offering you a piece of his mind, even if you really didn’t want to hear it.

Much like our current president, political correctness was not at the forefront when Donner went on one of his rants.

Dependable Ally

While he had his faults, one thing Donner was, was loyal.

Dozens of politicians over the years depended on him for support.

And this support not only came in the form of advice, but also in fundraising.

A friend of Donner’s stated, “He could keep your pockets empty if you let him.”

Donner’s advice and fundraising often put the person he was backing into office.

And, usually, that person would continue to solicit advice from Donner.

More to the Man

Donner was more than a voice in politics, though.

According to family members, he served his country for two years in active service and an additional four in the reserves.

He was also a horse racing enthusiast, owning more than 40 horses over his career in the racing industry.

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Donner was also an ear to bend for local business owners, as he served as an adviser to several key developers.

We lost a good man this week, patriots. There is little doubt Donner leaves some very large shoes to fill in the Republican party.

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