Republican speaker of the West Virginia House resigns – to run for Supreme Court

The West Virginia political scene just received a massive shakeup.

With every justice on the appeals court being impeached, Speaker of the House Tim Armstead is resigning to run for a Supreme Court seat.

Empty Seats

The West Virginia justice system has proven to be one of the most corrupt in the history of our country.

It is hard to recollect a time when an entire panel of Justices committed impeachable offenses.

With impeachment documents now making their way through the system, there will be five open seats on the state’s appeals circuit court.

Two of the court members have already resigned.

Assuming the remaining seats are vacated, it will be up to the Governor to appoint justices to serve out the current terms.

The Scandal

Among other charges, all of the justices were accused of inappropriate spending.

Collectively, they used more than $3 million of taxpayer money to renovate their offices.

Ironically, one of the justices being impeached wrote a book about corruption in West Virginia.

The Declaration

As the Speaker, Armstead would obviously play a significant role in the impeachment proceedings.

That being the case, he has recused himself from the proceedings.

During his resignation announcement, Armstead stated he wants to “spend as much time as possible meeting West Virginians and earning their trust and their votes to represent them on their Supreme Court of Appeals.”

Armstead first took his seat on the state senate in 1998 as an appointment for a vacated seat.

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Later that year, he won the election for the seat and has continued to hold it ever since.

Democrats will no doubt put a huge field on the ticket for the upcoming election, as they absolutely do not want the Governor’s appointed members to hold those seats for one second more than necessary.

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