Republican senators criticize Biden for working on Iran deal with Russia during Ukraine invasion

A group of Republican senators blasted President Joe Biden during a press conference on Wednesday due to his working with Russia to try to get a nuclear deal with Iran, even though Russia is in the process of invading Ukraine.

“This Iran Deal if and when it is announced will be a massive win for Vladimir Putin,” Sen. Cruz (TX) said during the press conference, speaking for the group. “Because the Biden administration has been eager to tell Putin and tell the Ayatollah of course we will have a carveout for the Iran deal on Russia sanctions which means Putin will make billions in oil and gas transactions, in nuclear transactions, and in weapons transactions.”

Cruz called it “incoherent” to put sanctions on Russia while “creating a massive subsidy” for the nation as part of the Iran deal. It “makes no sense,” he said.

“This doesn’t need to be done right now and particularly it doesn’t need to be done when we have the problems going on that we have in Ukraine. We should walk,” Sen. Jim Risch (WI) said.

“Walk” on deal

“Mr. President, you’re the only one in America doing business with the Russians, stop doing business with the Russians,” Risch added, slapping his hand on the podium for emphasis. “Don’t have them negotiating for us, walk on this deal.”

Sen. Joni Ernst (IA) called Biden’s actions “insane” and said she couldn’t understand Biden’s foreign policy.

“Russia, this is the country with tanks running over Ukraine right now killing innocent civilians,” Ernst said. “Children, women, people that we care about and yet they’re using those Russians to negotiate a deal with yet another one of our near-peer adversaries, Iran.”

“What we have is an administration that would rather deal with international killers than with American drillers,” Sen. Bill Hagerty (TN) said. “This my friends has to stop and we could stop it tomorrow. All we need to do is have this administration come out and clearly state that we’re going to reopen the Keystone XL pipeline. That we’re going to get back in the energy business. We’re going to become energy independent again. That we’re going to remove this massive lever Vladimir Putin has on the American economy.”

Desperate for a deal

Biden has been fairly desperate to redo the Iran nuclear deal since taking office. He disagreed with former President Donald Trump removing the U.S. from the deal during his presidency.

In reality, any Iran deal Biden could make would lead to that tyrannous country potentially getting a nuke, and possibly sooner than without the deal.

Iran is not going to agree to anything that prevents its ambitions, including nuclear ones.

That means Biden is wasting his time and allying himself with Russia to do it.

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