Republican senator: ‘Every president’ has done what Trump is being impeached for

Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) just shook the nation with his remarks in a recent interview.

Appearing on CBS’s Face the Nation, Blunt said that if the roles were reversed, Democrat Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama would not be impeached by Republicans for doing the same things that Donald Trump has been accused of doing, Breitbart reported.

It’s just wrong

Democrats want to paint the GOP as being just as partisan as the Democrats, but that is simply not the case. As Blunt pointed out in his interview:

One of the articles of impeachment is the president resisted giving information to the Congress, which is exactly what President Obama did. It’s what President Clinton did. It’s what President Bush did. Every president’s done that. I wouldn’t have been for impeaching any of them, for asserting their privilege to make you go to court to prove that you really needed the information the president had.

Blunt also addressed the absurdity of the Democrat insistence that Donald Trump extorted or bribed the Ukrainian president for information.

Host Margaret Brennan asked Blunt: “Does Roy Blunt, potential juror, believe that the president’s phone call was perfect?”

According to Breitbart, he replied: “Well, I think the people that listened to it that should know and hear a lot of these calls have generally said there was nothing wrong with the call.”

Blunt went on to explain that in response to anti-Trump former Sen. Jeff Flake’s op-ed, “He also said, ‘Would you reach the same conclusion if Barack Obama had done exactly the same thing?’And the answer is yes, I would reach the same conclusion.”

Bogus premise

The entire impeachment hangs on the premise that Trump asked for an investigation into Joe Biden to gain a political advantage. However, Joe Biden is not Donald Trump’s political opponent. That is not the case unless Biden wins the Democrats’ nomination — and that is far from certain.

What is truly being looked at here is possible corruption that may have gone as high as the office of vice president, if not higher.

The fact that Biden is a candidate makes it all the more important that we find out the truth about what happened in Ukraine and China with the Bidens.

Instead, because he is a candidate, Democrats believe we need to completely leave him alone. Joe Biden is now working this angle and trying to gain empathy on the campaign trail by saying his family is being picked on — even though his son Hunter Biden was making hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit from his gig at a Ukrainian energy company, a matter worthy of scrutiny.

How do you think Democrats would be reacting if Donald Trump, Jr. was paid exorbitant amounts of money by a Ukrainian power company?

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