Republican senator says Democrat-backed election reform package would be crushed by Supreme Court

Democrats in Washington are laser-focused on promoting and passing a federal voting reform bill that many say would essentially strip control of elections away from municipalities, counties, and states overnight, while greatly favoring Democratic candidates. But they might not get very far with it.

According to Fox News, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) argued in a recent interview on America’s Newsroom that, should Democrats successfully pass S.1, known as the “For the People Act,” the wide-ranging election reform bill will eventually be shot down in the U.S. Supreme Court on the grounds that it’s¬†glaringly unconstitutional.

“There is no doubt”

Cotton was confident in his prediction that the high court would make legal mincemeat of S.1, citing the U.S. Constitution as the primary defense against such a radical, progressive election reform package.

“There is no doubt this would go to the Supreme Court. I think a lot of the bill would be struck down as unconstitutional,” Cotton said, according to Fox. “The states have primary authority under our Constitution to regulate our election systems and in most states like mine it goes on down to the counties where counties are primarily responsible for the administration of elections.”

The Arkansas Republican went on to point to language in the proposed bill that he said would essentially fund candidates’ campaigns with hard-earned, U.S. taxpayer dollars.

“Most politicians for Congress or especially for the Senate would get hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to fund attack ads on opponents. I doubt many Americans are in favor of subsidizing political attack ads for politicians with whom they disagree,” Cotton said, as Fox reported.

He added that provisions like this might not be thrown out by the Supreme Court, but would be “massively unpopular” with the public.

There’s more good news

While Cotton suggested that the most egregious sections of S.1 would eventually be ruled against in the high court, with any luck, that scenario will never have to play out. According to The Guardian, Senate Republicans are currently mounting efforts to make sure the bill, known as H.R. 1 in the House, never makes it out of the upper chamber.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who still holds considerable power in the Senate, vowed that Republicans are fully against such a bill, adding that he’s confident that Democrats will fail to convince even a single Republican to cross the aisle in support.

That’s also the case, McConnell said, with a revised version of the bill, which Democrats will undoubtedly offer in an attempt to grab a crucial, single Republican vote.

“Equally unacceptable, totally inappropriate — all Republicans, I think, will oppose that,” the minority leader said, according to The Guardian.

While Democrats could still make their stand on the legislation by nuking the Senate filibuster rule — which remains unlikely, according to pundits — it looks like Republicans are calling on hands on deck to make certain that such an unconstitutional, atrocity of a bill never sees the light of day.

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