Republican senator moves to dismiss impeachment case

Democrats are refusing to send the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump to the Senate — and now, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) is introducing legislation to outright dismiss House Democrats’ impeachment case, Breitbart reports.

Impeachment leaders Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Adam Schiff (D-CA) are beginning to feel the head as Americans are tiring of the charade.

Time to move on

Hawley plans to introduce legislation Monday that seek to dismiss the articles of impeachment.

Hawley, who formerly served as the Missouri attorney general, has said that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi withholding the articles of impeachment is an “abuse of the Constitution.”

Further hammering the point home, Hawley tweeted: “In [the] real world, if prosecution doesn’t proceed with case, it gets dismissed. So on Monday, I will introduce measure to dismiss this bogus impeachment for lack of prosecution.”

Democrats have no evidence for impeaching President Trump, and they know it. After rushing the impeachment inquiry, they’re beginning to realize that the Senate will not take their crusade seriously.

There are many dire issues that need the legislature’s attention at this time, and Democrats are wasting precious time by not forwarding the articles.

If the Democrat prosecution doesn’t want to argue the case, then the case should be dismissed.

Conservative groups have declared their support for Hawley’s proposal. Jenny Beth Martin, the co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots praised the move, tweeting: “Kudos to [Hawley] for pushing hard for what a majority of Americans want — for [Pelosi] to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate, so we can have a trial.”

Politics at it’s worst

Of course, the Democrats’ attempt to impeach President Trump is partisan politics at it’s worst.

The Democrat-led House locked Republicans out of the proceedings and refused to allow any bipartisan investigation. Their intent was clear to anyone paying attention.

The objective was to impeach President Trump at all costs with or without evidence. Hawley made that clear when he said: “This will expose Dems’ circus for what it is: a fake impeachment, abuse of the Constitution, based on no evidence.” He’s absolutely right.

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