Republican Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner announces his retirement

The wave of resignations in the Republican Party continues on.

The most recent casualty is Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI), who announced on Wednesday that he will not be seeking re-election in 2020, according to The Hill.

End of an Era

Rep. Sensenbrenner’s retirement makes him the lucky No. 13 Republican to not be seeking re-election next year.

But though he’s stepping down, it is expected that Sensenbrenner’s seat will be won by another Republican.

Sensenbrenner represents the Fifth District in Wisconsin, which has been notoriously red for quite some time.

Indeed, in 2018, Sensenbrenner won his seat with a whopping 62% of the vote.

Mass Exodus

When making his announcement, Sensenbrenner noted that he has been in public office since 1968. At that time, he vowed he would know when it was time to step down, and he believes that time is now.

At the end of this term, he will have served 21 terms in Congress, which is probably far too long for anyone.

Not to discount Sensenbrenner’s achievements or his service to this country, but our Founding Fathers never intended for anyone to spend their entire adult life parked in a congressional chair.

Some have seen this mass exodus in the GOP as proof that panic is setting in among the political elites, but others — like myself — bid them all good riddance. We should have had term limits imposed decades ago to prevent politicians from being able to have a 40-year career.

The key now will be to support a candidate who is looking toward the future of this country, as well as someone who is willing to get a little dirty when fighting back against the new tactics of Democrats in office.

Sensenbrenner has served his country well, but we bid him adieu and wish him well in the next chapter of his life. Now, it’s time to get some new faces representing the GOP in Washington.

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