Republican National Committee reports record high online fundraising numbers

If you believe the liberal media, support for Donald Trump is waning and he has no shot in 2020.

The fundraising numbers, however, tell a different story: online fundraising for the Republican National Committee has reportedly reached record highs.

The Glass Ceiling

With so much controversy surrounding this presidency, Republicans really had no idea what to expect in terms of fundraising.

Well, their worries have been put to rest as Trump supporters are funneling record amounts of money to the  Republican National Committee (RNC) to see their president re-elected in 2020.

This past July, the RNC raised almost $21 million, representing the largest sum ever amassed in a non-election year July.

During the 2019-2020 cycle thus far, almost $118 million has been raised, far beyond what the party was expecting, allowing the RNC to pay off all debt and still have more than $46 million in the war chest.

What the RNC is specifically pleased about is the fact that online fundraising is just blowing right through the glass ceiling.

This year’s haul was a 1,100% increase from 2016 and an amazing 1,900%  more than July of 2015.

Money is Flowing

While candidates like Bernie Sanders tell you that small donors are keeping Democrat candidates alive, the RNC has taken that concept and run with it, attracting a larger pool of small money donors than its Democrat Party counterpart, not to mention a 12% increase in big-money donors.

While the RNC is well in the black, the DNC is on the other end of the scale, and is reportedly roughly $6 million in the red, a scenario that gives the RNC a significant advantage when it comes to doing battle in the 16-20 contested states both for the presidency as well as congressional seats.

There is little argument that one of the weaknesses in the 2016 Trump campaign was its so-called ground game, and that is something the RNC looks to rectify this time around, in that most of surplus the RNC currently has is expected to go towards organizational efforts in the states where Trump will be challenged the most.

If the RNC is doing this well now, we can only imagine how much wider the financial floodgates will open once the Democrat primary is over and everyone knows which candidate Trump will be facing.

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