‘Long past time’: Republican lawmakers hope to force Fauci’s resignation

Dr. Anthony Fauci rose to national prominence as a top medical adviser in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, the nation’s top infectious disease expert could be forced to resign if one Republican lawmaker has his way.

“Wrong, intentionally deceptive, and inconsistent”

According to reports, U.S. Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH) and other Republicans are seeking to have Fauci dismissed from his influential federal government role, citing inconsistencies in his advice throughout the public health crisis.

Fauci has gone from a widely respected scientist to a largely denounced figure after public statements many of his critics have deemed misleading if not politically motivated. As the pandemic stretched into its second year, it became clear to many Americans that he appeared more interested in social engineering than addressing the underlying health issue.

If Davidson’s proposal, the Fauci Incompetence Requires Early Dismissal (or FIRED) Act, is successful, the doctor would find himself out of a lucrative government position.

Another vocal Fauci critic, Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (R-PA), explained: “He has been wrong, intentionally deceptive, and inconsistent throughout this entire pandemic. A few examples of Fauci’s failures include: claiming there was very little risk to Americans in January of 2020, opposing President Trump’s China travel ban then crediting it with saving lives, and wrongly predicting an explosion of cases in Texas after [Republican] Gov. [Greg] Abbott lifted the state mask mandate.”

As for a remedy to the situation, the lawmaker said that it is “long past time for Dr. Fauci to stop talking to the American public,” arguing that he “should resign or be fired immediately.”

“Awful communication and planning”

The recent demands for Fauci’s ouster have come on the heels of his admission that it is possible the virus was initially leaked by a state-funded lab in Wuhan, China.

That admission has enraged many Americans after the health expert initially dismissed the theory when it was being promoted by then-President Donald Trump and others on the right.

Not only do his critics say his advice has served to erode the public’s trust in medical advice generally, but he has also apparently damaged the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to communicate effectively.

Former White House coronavirus task force member Brett Giroir recently asserted that Fauci’s “awful communication and planning around the guidance” led to mass confusion regarding the most recently updated face mask guidelines.

If the U.S. is going to prepare for the next, possibly more severe, pandemic, many of Fauci’s critics believe voices like his should not shape the nation’s policies.

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