Republican lawmaker resigns to take job in local government

The exodus of Republicans at all levels of local, state, and federal government is continuing in 2019.

One of the latest Republicans to leave his position is State Rep. Charlie Davis of Missouri.

Greener Pastures

The heat has been turned up dramatically on Republicans at every level of government since President Donald Trump took office in 2017.

Republicans are no longer seen as representative of a certain demographic of the population.

Instead, thanks to the Dems, they are associated with racism and fear mongering.

That could be what caused Rep. Davis to abandon his position as a state congressman for a job as a county clerk.

Not Alone

Davis is not alone in leaving his position.

Two other Missouri state representatives also turned in their resignations recently.

Reps. Kurt Bahr and Rick Brattin recently left their positions to pursue other opportunities.

The Missouri house now has a total of 16 empty seats.

This is the most vacancies the 163-seat House has had in more than two decades.

We have seen the same thing happening on a federal level in both the Senate and House.

Rather than stand their ground against the Democrats, Republicans are leaving en masse.

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While some may not be able to stand the attacks by Democrats, others simply do not agree with the president representing their party.

It has become quite clear that we need a new breed of Republicans in office that actually has a backbone –because we know they will face bigger challenges and more scrutiny than the party has ever seen.

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