Republican lawmaker from Colorado dies unexpectedly at 55

The Washington Examiner reports that Republican Hugh McKean, the minority leader of the Colorado House of Representatives, has unexpectedly died at the age of 55. 

McKean is reported to have suddenly died at his home in Loveland, Colorado, on Sunday morning.

The cause of death remains unknown, but details about the situation have been provided by local outlets.

Per the Loveland Reporter:

Roger Hudson, deputy chief of staff for the Colorado House Republicans, said that McKean mentioned feeling tired and sore on Saturday evening, but he chalked it up to the former general contractor working hard to physically build his dream home and working hard on behalf of his constituents. The pain on his left side worsened through the night, and McKean called his longtime partner. When she arrived, Rep. Colin Larson told the Denver Post, an ambulance was already there.

“The Sudden Passing”

McKean’s passing was announced on Sunday by his fellow Colorado House Republicans.

They tweeted:

It is with great sadness we announce the sudden passing of House Minority Leader Hugh McKean. Hugh was fiercely passionate about serving the great state of Colorado and will be missed dearly. Funeral services are being planned and details will be made public once finalized.

The Colorado House Republicans also sent out a more detailed email on McKean’s passing.

“Hugh was fiercely passionate about two things in his extraordinary life; serving the great state of Colorado and spending time with his family, whom he adored — Aiden McKean, 21, Hanna McKean, 23, and his dearest partner and friend Amy Parks,” the email reads.

It continues:

Hugh spoke about Coloradans not in the abstract but as real living people with jobs, loves, and real-life successes and problems. Families facing hardships were not faceless pie graphs on a page to Hugh. He saw the faces of his own children, of his parents, long-time neighbors, and of Coloradans that he would always call friends. Public service wasn’t a 9-to-5 job for Hugh; he lived life believing good enough would never be enough for those who would live with the consequences of bad government.

Was up for reelection

McKean had just turned 55 a few days before his passing, and he was running for his fourth term in Colorado’s House.

McKean had been in the Colorado government since 2009 when he was elected to the Loveland City Council. He was first elected to the Colorado House in 2016.

The Colorado Democrats, in their own statement, said:

The entire Democratic Caucus is heartbroken by Leader McKean’s passing. He was loving and kind, and he brought tremendous joy to the Capitol. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, his loved ones, and the House GOP.

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